Monday, June 7

the annual motorcycle trip 2010

this year for the annual trip we went to pine lake. it is in between panguitch, ut and bryce canyon. we had over 30 guys there and fully enjoyed ourselves.

below is a short recap of the trip.

day 1 - 90 mile loop out to tropic reservoir.  ran out of gas 1 mile from camp.
day 2 - 80 mile trip to mt. dutton.  we had to move logs off the road and eventually could not get through because there was too much snow on the road. 
day 3 - 91 mile trip through casto canyon.  we also stopped for shakes at henries's in panguitch, ut.  after the ride we had a nice swim in pine lake. 

overall great trip, can't wait for next year's adventure. 

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