Monday, April 12


we have eaten at some good restaurans lately and wanted to share them.

first- stella grill.  nat had been wanting to go here for quite some time. it's located in slc on 900 east and about 4200 south.  they are affiliated with red butte and martine cafe, which are also some of our favorites.  they have delicious sandwiches with a great house pasta, salad or french onion soup.  we had a nice meal with good friends karri and brandon and will be going back soon. 

second- koko kitchen.  which is located near downtown slc on 700 south and 300 east.  authentic japanese and sushi.  this place is small and quiet and has excellent food options.  my parents took us here and we ordered the koko special roll, teriyaki salmon,  katsu don, katsu shrimp and chicken teriyaki.  it was delicious and all of the random trinckets made for a great setting.  if you feel so inclined go and try it for yourself, you will not be dissapointed. 

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