Friday, April 2


happy easter! we took some photos last sunday, when it was warm and actually felt like spring.  i love turner playing with the baskets and rebecca and her easter hat that she wore to church, love the kiddies! 

it should be a fun filled weekend, although turner has a little cold and stuffy nose.  we have general conference, sleeping in (well maybe not, with a sick baby) lounging in sweats all day, the final 4 games from march madness, dinner with friends, sleepovers and more! oh and i should probably go running since i have taked off the last 3 days because of the snow. 

also, brett and teresa had their baby yesterday, camille is her name and she was 7 lbs. 8 oz. and 21.7 inches long.  she came c-section and had the umbilical cord wrapper around her neck 4 times!  crazy, huh?!  baby and mama are doing well though, we can't wait to meet her!  she has tons of jet black hair and turner is still bald as can be, ha. 

enjoy your weekend and happy easter to all!


Hema and Becky said...

Turner is so cute that he doesn't need hair! He is getting so big.

JanaB2 said...

Soooooo CUTE!!! Totally jealous! Sorry I forgot to invite you to my blog- don't be offended- I made up some random e-mail for my Mom- the brain has left the building. . . : )

Jessica F. said...

Great family pict. Nat looks amazing! Turner is adorable.

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