Tuesday, March 30

story time

(taken with the iphone)

ok, picture this:
me at wellsfargo bank on redwood road and 17th south, getting a document notarized for work.

as i come out and am unlocking my car door, a black, window tinted, 'blinged out' escalade with spinner wheels drives by, rolls its window down and the following conversation takes place:

man in escalade:  hey do you wanna buy some stuff?

me:  what kind of stuff? 

man in escalade:  some huge a#@ speakers for your car or home.

me:  hmmmm....no, i dont need big speakers. 

man in escalade:  why wouldnt you need big speakers?  everyone needs big speakers.  well do you know anyone around here that does?  we can hook you or your friends up.

me:  no i don't know anyone, sorry.

man in escalade:  well let us know if someone comes to mind, we are always around here. 

he then turns up his music up and drives away.  i just got in my car and laughed and thought to myself i hope they find someone else that needs speakers, ha! 
also, it is super windy today.  there is crap blowing all over the place and my allergies are acting up.  I-80 has been closed too because there was a small fire out west, past the airport and the winds caused it to go everywhere and the smoke is really bad.  not cool.  any who, happy tuesday, and if you want to buy some speakers then call/text me!


Hema and Becky said...

I love that story becuase Hema works just 1/2 a block off of Redwood on 17th south. He is always sharing scary stories. And really, as if they bought those huge speakers and just sale them out of their car to save on overhead, hello stolen speakers!

Katie said...

Ha....wow...on the bright side, you must look hip enough to be a "huge a$$ speaker" kinda guy!

Brady said...

Marcus!!! What were you thinking?!!? You know I need some huge A speakers, why would you let that kind of deal go? Send that nice young man down to P-Town and tell him to look for me.

Brityn said...

I'm pretty sure I've seen that same guy at that same Wells Fargo... I also miss the Beto's breakfast burritos I would get a couple doors down. CLASS-EEE.

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