Friday, March 26


can you believe that the race is in 3 weeks? the time is flying by and i have not been training/running enough.

the race will be here soon enough and although i did get a good run in yesterday, i need more! 
also, i have been using this app on the ipone for running.
it is called runkeeper and i love it! 

it tracks where i run by map/gps, current pace, average pace, time, calories burned,
total miles, heart rate, etc..... it's awesome!

plus I can keep track of how far i have been running and create new schedules
for the training.  i would highly recommend it for you runners and iphone users. 
just see for yourself from the pics below:

i ovbioulsy need to pick up my pace so i can get a better time for the race.


Brityn said...

iphone addict.

the salt lake city slickers said...

proud of it!

natalie said...

Ah i wish i had that

*The Hales Family* said...

I love runkeeper, that's what i used to train for my half. I think it's just as good as that Nike+ thingy and way cheaper. Good luck with your half...I wish I was able to do this one.

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