Thursday, October 15

going home

we made it home and have finally slept!
they don't let you sleep at the hospital much...not cool!
my sister haley left us balloons,
and the classic 'it's a boy' signs up outside the house,
thank you!
we are doing well and figuring this whole baby thing out.
we are still beyond excited though,
and there will probably be more pics coming soon.


M and N said...

PS- 3 nurses commented on Natalie's toe nails at the hospital and were ALL very impressed that I painted them.

Katie said...

Isn't it all so fun?! We're trying to figure it all out too, and just in awe of it all! We didn't get a lot of sleep at the hospital either- it's great to be home and do your own thing. Your little guy is so cute! Funny that you painted Natalie's nails...what a guy! RJ said he wouldn't (hates feet), so I said he'd have to pay for a pedicure then, thinking he'd back down. Let's just say I got an awesome pedicure that I had a few nurses compliment me on too! I'm impressed you painted them though! Congrats--being home is SO fun!

dannyhaley said...

I can't believe how advanced Turner is-already holding his own binki! He is too cute! We'll be over to see him soon. The kids REALLY want to meet their new cousin,Turner.

saltbox girl said...

Congrats, you two! What a cute little guy.

Carol Greenhalgh said...

Congratulations! You guys are gonna be the coolest parents!

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