Saturday, September 19

the kiddos from AZ were in town this weekend.
mary celebrated her 4th birthday.
of course, she got dress-ups, wands and tiaras.
we watched BYU get slaughtered by Flo-rida.
had dinner with the parentals on the sabbath day
counted down the days until the baby turner will be here.
more updates to come soon.......


dannyhaley said...

SO cute, wish we were there! Can't wait to meet Turner.

Jessica F. said...

Did you say "days" until baby Turner get here... YIPEE!

The Pixton Family said...

I don't know which I like more- that you painted her toenails or that you used a church magazine to put the mess on! JK- you're a great hubby, Jim never attempted to do my toenails.

Post some good, pregnant belly shots of Natatlie. I can't believe she's two weeks away and I still haven't seen a shot where she really looks pregnant!

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