Saturday, July 25

The Grant Shields Memorial Run 2009

what a great and memorable day!
we had over 50 runners/walkers for the 10/5 k.
the t-shirts looked great, thanks to dani,
and we had a great bbq afterwards.
thanks to all the cousins for a fun day!


Krissy said...

Dang Nat! I'm impressed with your prego walking ability and how good you look doing it!

natalie said...

that was so fun!

Brooke said...

I wish we had been there. That's my goal for next year.
One question: I've looked at all your posts. I thought Natalie was pregnant?

M and N said...

she is preggo! 32 weeks and counting, due date october 5th '09!
I will get a good pic for you...soon!

Linda said...

Oh look how cute the pregnant lady looks!!! Congrats on the baby! I cant wait to see pictures when he's born!! Marcus you guys need to come up and visit the Zerm :D

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