Thursday, March 26

the F A B five

now people think i am weird because i am so close too my
cousins. but honestly, when you have 5 of them
that are all the same age, it's just becomes natural.
here we are the night before chels got married
at her luau wedding dinner.
and the latest at my wedding about a year ago.

now we are all very close and i consider them
my best friends. we have had
some great times together. now, let's see,
jamie is married with one child living in orem,
and she gives us all energy.
chels is living in ghana, married
to mike and inspires us all in so many ways.
sally is married with 2 kiddies,
living in AZ and is the perfect mom.
i swear it was her calling in life to
be a mother, she's great at it.
and jessica, who is also in ghana right now, is
just great. she keeps us alive with her 'guys'
that she dates. nat and i were going to
go to ghana this year and visit,
but things didn't turn out that way.
she is living it up there for all of us now.
hopefully this summer we can all re-unite after chels and jess
get home from their excursions.
oh and then me, well read this blog
to find out about my life

this one is at jamies wedding a few winters back


natalie said...

you're random, but that's a fun fab five

Jamie said...

awesome post! so glad the fab five made it! I should post one too . . . maybe with all our babies together! Can't wait for a reunion!

Sally said...

I feel like I have missed out on so many fab 5 events but I sure am glad to be part of it. I can't wait for our next little reunion...which I hope can be soon.

Krissy said...

That is so awesome! I only have 4 cousins TOTAL and they are at least 10 years younger than me! Lindsey has three cousins her age so that will be fun! I guess I better convince Alex to knock up some chick so she can have the fab five as well! I'm on it!

Monica and Dave said...

Oh, how fun! I remember at your wedding, I was reassuring many a challis folks when they were confused why you were taking all those pictures with 4 girls, and not Natalie. Haha....

Chelsea said...

Instead of the baby post that Jamie was talking about. Jess and Chels can bring our leg hair. At this point it weighs about the same as a small baby.

We LOVE you. You are the glue that keeps the fab five sticky.

chels and jess

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