Saturday, January 24

one year older.....and wiser too

my bday extravaganza was great! It included me sleeping in,
a nice 6 mile run
(yes, I am only on 6 miles for the marathon training, I suck),
lunch with mono, shopping for these pants,
dinner and a movie with nat,
pat and jeff, cake (the funfetti kind, of course)
and ice cream with the fam
and my lover got me these new running shoes:

love funfetti

love the mars sushi roll
i am lucky enough to share my birthday with my mama
and then lil natalie's is the day after.
it always calls for a huge celebration.
we all went to dinner at TEPANYAKI GRILL in the SLC
and it was delicious. sushi and your own personal chef are
always a bonus. overall it was a great bday
and i feel a whole lot older,
yet maybe a little wiser too.


Jamie said...

happy birthday! I love the running shoes! I LOVE tempanyaki too! We should do sushi sometime! So I am training for a 1/2 marathon and am running 8 miles today . . . you better get crackin :)

Dani said...

it sounds like you had a great day! so cool! what movie do you go to see? it looks like i should start training for a marathon since you and jamie are. jk:)

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

I love seeing the shields family on here! Happy birthday cousin and six miles sounds pretty great to me!

Marcus Lane said...

dani- we saw the new james bond. well not so new, it was in teh dollar theater, ha! it was a decent flick though.

natalie said...

Yeah, I made it on your blog!!! :) Dinner was WAY fun and cool. I don't know about the wiser thing though.

Sam and Jules said...

happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!

JanaB said...

I hope it was a goody!!!!! Did you get my Facebook Happy Birthday!!!??

Nicole said...

Tempanyaki sounds DELICIOUS!!!

Chelsea said...

Marc and Nat!

Happy Birthday!! I sent you a text (Hope it wasn't too early) and then I worried all day that you had no clue who I was! I totally forgot to say- hey this is chels and Mike on our Ghana phone. Then when I realized it would be like 3 am your time and I'm sure I would've just scared you. So sorry. We are getting SO grown up. Who would've thunk. I feel the same though.

Man I'd KILL for a jog, a movie, and some sushi right now......UGH. Let's go out when we get home!

We love you.
chels and Mike

Jessica F. said...

Happy Birthday! What a fun day...except for the running part!

Krissy said...

Happy Birthday Marcus! Funfetti and sushi are the best! You have great taste!

Callie said...

sounds like a perfect celebration! glad it was a good one!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday Mac Daddy! I miss you guys, we definitely need to hang out soooooon!!!

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