Wednesday, December 24

The "winning" house

Back side

Nat's side


and Marc's side

Since we are not in Reno, Mary send us our own little gingerbread house to decorate. We had a fun evening picking our favorite candy and we each did a different side of the house. The winner gets movie tickets and cash.......I definately think we won!


natalie said...

Your house looks amazing, and yummy!

dannyhaley said...

Love the houses, you should be a home builder.

Yours looks a lot better than the one I built with Emily. She broke a piece, so we had to improvise, with a flat roofed house. It was so ugly! She loved it, because she loaded the roof wiht all the candy and it didn't fall off.

Marcus Lane said...

Well let's see the pictures of Emily's

Krissy said...

You guys put our gingerbread house to shame! Once again, you never cease to amaze me!

Grant said...

I love the hair on your gingerbread man! Very well done.

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