Monday, July 21


Wakeboarding on Pyramid Lake
Love boating
Reading on the shores of Lake Tahoe
Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe
There were waves so Scotty took advantage
Nice View
We took off for a little road trip to spend some time in Reno with the Challis Family. We went swimming in Lake Tahoe @ Sand Harbor, played a little Rock Band, ate good food, watched Scottys b-ball games, went boating at Pyramid Lake and a whole lot more.


Callie and Grant Lippard said...

so uh, how's the book? Escape? I had to enlarge the picture to see what you were reading. I really like how you are having boat loads of fun

natalie said...

Fun! I wish I could have gone to Lake Tahoe again, I love it!

Sam and Jules said...

woah you guys do fun things!

dannyhaley said...

what a fun trip! You guys are so cute!

markieandnatty said...

Escape is the book Callie and it was good. It's about a lady from the polygamist community that escaped with her 8 kids....intense!!

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