Sunday, June 8

Wedding Pics are Up!!

Before the reception at the 23rd Floor of the
Wells Fargo Building
All of the Girlies
The Boys
First Dance
The departure
We're Married!!
Love it

SLC Temple

These are just a few of the pics, for more please visit:
Just sign in as a guest and enjoy the pics from the wedding dinner,
the Temple and the reception. ENJOY!


*The Hales Family* said...

OOoooh YAY, i am so glad you have a blog, we got your thank you note so I added you to our friends list right away! It was so good to see you at the wedding, I am so excited and happy for you! Ellie

*The Hales Family* said...

it is in north salt lake, its about a mile from bountiful. we love it, and we should be moving in a month! yay! where are you guys living?

markieandnatty said...

I am happy for you guys! We are in Provo until Nat graduates from BYU in December, then we want to move out of state, maybe CA?!

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