Monday, December 3

Music Monday - Kenny G - The Christmas Song

Can you believe it's already December?  The Music Monday posts are going to be Christmas tunes for the next month, so get excited!

Growing up, I remember always listening to Kenny G on Christmas morning. I remember anxiously waiting at the bottom of the stairs listening to his music and just wanting to go see what Santa had brought each year.   It is a great memory that I will always remember.  I may need to buy his album or get a copy of it because I just might want to do it with my kids too.  Kenny G is classic! 

Can you believe that it is already December?!  This month is going to fly by!  I am beyond busy at work, we are still meeting new people in our ward and trying to get involved, etc..... we have some good friends coming to visit this week and we get to met their sweet baby boy!  I hope baby D is nice too him. 

More updated coming soon, until then enjoy the sweet sounds of Kenny G. 

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