Thursday, December 20

Christmas Time

Christmas is so much better with kids. Seriously it is. They get so excited about everything and their faces light up for every little thing.  We have been decorating the house and dressing the kids up while listening to Christmas tunes on pandora on a daily basis.  Toddler T is beyond excited for Christmas and he gets it more this year.  When the wifey told him more about Santa and how he comes down the chimney his little face just lit up.  It was an awesome moment!  He has seen Santa at the Bellevue Mall and he told him that he wants trains and a toy vacuum.  Yes, you read that right, he wants a toy vacuum.  I may have a slight obsession with vacuuming and my son is following in my ways, ha! 

We just found out last weekend that we will be staying here in WA now and my in laws will be joining us for the festivities along with some of the wifey's siblings.  We hosted Thanksgiving and now we are hosting Christmas.  We are officially grown ups now. 

Tis the season.   

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