Friday, October 26

Our New Temple

Toddler T has a newTemple book that he likes to look at every night before he goes to bed.  He knows that the SLC, Mt. Timpanogos and Denver Temples are his because he has lived by them.  Baby D, gets the Mt. Timp one too.  In fact, we have some cool drawings of these temples from an awesome etsy artist that we still need to get framed.  And whenever he sees the San Diego Temple, he says that it's Presley's Temple (Presley is his future wife!) because he went there with her this past summer. 

Anyway, we went up and visited the Seattle, WA Temple on Sunday after church.  The temple grounds looked great and T loved the water fountain out front.  He ran all over the grass and loved throwing all of the leaves.  I think we are teaching him well. 

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