Wednesday, August 15

Shields Family Reunion

Last weekend was the Shields Family Reunion.  This year it was held up Hobble Creek Canyon, just up from Springville.  We had reserved an awesome camping area with a pavilion, a huge grassy area, etc.... it was perfect.  It was fun to see cousins, aunts and uncles that live out of state.  It's weird to think that we will be those out of state cousins (again!) in just a few weeks. 

We rented a dunking booth/tank thingy that was a huge hit.  The kids (and adults) loved getting dunked and it was hours of great entertainment.  There was lots of hiking, sports playing and good food. 

My aunts also organized an awesome Shields Family Olympics for the kids, and they all loved it!  Toddler T was in heaven with all of the kids and the competitions they they had.  He keeps asking to race again and again, ha. 

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Aaron S said...

Toddler T is rockin' the Braveheart look! hahaha

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