Friday, July 6

Easily Entertained

Last weekend I pulled out the good  old exersaucer (that's a weird word, right!?)  I wiped it down with Clorox wipes and put baby D in it.  She loved it and was in heaven with all of the new toys, colors, sounds etc....  In fact toddler T was pretty entertained too.  He wanted to sit in and play, but we told him it was for babies to sit in, but he could still play with everything. 

These two kiddos were easily entertained for quite some time.  Like I've said before, it's the simple things in life. 


Ashley said...

It is the simple things :)

I don't know how I missed Monica in the parade but I swear I DID see McKenzie Rigby and Kelci from high school. Crazy! The parade is awesome. This was our 5th year going and we wouldn't miss it!!

I will get the word out about your house for sale. Good Luck with the move.

Aaron S said...

I think it's about time someone designed an exersaucer for adults, don't you? It could have all kinds of gadgets and video games attached, plus a mini-fridge.

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