Tuesday, June 26

We took a trip!

Yes, yes we did.  We left toddler T with grandma in SLC for a long weekend in Oregon and Washington.  We had a great time, and baby D was the best traveler.  She seriously did so well on the flights and in the car.  She slept when she needed to, and put on a show for everyone. 

I love taking kids outside of Utah.  Everyone looks and stares and you, well at the baby, and they all want to know how old she is, etc...etc.....it is great!  And you know baby D loves all the attention as well.  I guess there are so many kids here in Utah that it isn't a big deal, you take a kid out of Utah and everyone wants to see and touch, ha!  I like it!  That's how it kind of was when we lived in Colorado.

The northwest is beautiful!  Eerything is green green green and I love it!  The weather was in the 60's and it would rain a little, then a lot, then the sun would come out, and then repeat.  I didn't mind it at all.  Everyone is trying to save water, trees etc... up there, but there are so many trees, don't feel bad about wasting a piece of paper, ha! 

We had dinner one night at a food truck in Olympia, that had a pizza oven built on it, it was awesome and the pizza and cinnamon rolls were beyond delicious!  We had lots of good food and treats all weekend long. 

Overall, we had a great trip and will hopefully be going back again soon. 

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