Friday, June 15

Father's Day

This Sunday is father's day, so let's get things rolling.  This also means that it is mid-June. We already celebrated mothers and now it is time for fathers.  Father's day is a day to honor your father on everything that he has done for you and has taught you while growing up.  My dad taught me to be a hard worker.  At the time I hated it, but now I see why he did it.  Most Saturdays, after soccer, etc..... my friends would always be going to the pool, or a movie, etc..... and I had to stay home and mow the lawn, or weed in the back yard, or paint the railing on the balcony.  At the time it sucked, but now that I am a father I realize why they did it.  It teaches you stuff, lots of good stuff and it is honestly a little bit hard to even say that, ha. 

Now that I am a father, it is a day where I can reflect on how I am doing as a father.  It is a time to reflect on areas that I can improve on and work on.  I need to be the person to bring the family together and take charge and step up to my responsibility as a father.

So here's to fatherhood and fathers everywhere.  Enjoy your day, use it to make yourself a better person and a better father. 

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