Tuesday, April 10

Did the Rabbit Come?

Toddler T kept asking when the rabbit was coming, I think he meant the Easter bunny.  Either way, the rabbit came and he was beyond excited!!  He woke up way too early on Sunday (Easter morning) and we made him follow string all over the house until he found his Easter basket along with baby D's.  He found them in the basement and was so excited!! 

T scored with the 'Rabbit' this year.  He got plenty of candy, a new helmet (Cars of course) that came with a bell for his scooter, and a sweet bubble machine.  He was in heaven that morning as we played outside chasing bubbles and riding the sidewalk on our street.  So fun! 

What a great Easter Sunday we had.  Even T talked a little about Jesus and as he was eating his cold cereal he bowed his head, closed his eyes and said,  "thanks for the cereal, Amen." 

I love holidays with kids!

PS-  T is Lightning McQueen's biggest fans, he has a scooter, a pack, a bell, pajamas, multiple cars, the movie, etc.... kinda funny/obsessive.  But then again we are the ones buying it for him, well most of it. 

1 comment:

Ashley said...

So cute. Your kids are adorable and I love all the Lightning McQueen stuff. Timothy calls him "like a queen"

ha ha silly kids!!

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