Tuesday, January 10

Welcome to 'Marcus Lane'

Friends and family, there are going to be some changes here on the current Shields Riot blog.  I have decided to change the name, yet again.  This blog will now be known as 'MARCUS LANE'.  Like it's a street name, but a blog,  do you get it?  I want us all to be friends here and have a nice blog to hang out and visit.  So I give you Marcus Lane (which is also my name and middle name, clever, right?) 

My awesome and talented cousin Dani made the header and I just love it!  It's a street sign, since Marcus Lane is the new and coolest street out there.  Maybe we will build our next house on that street......  I will still be blogging about the same stuff, I just wanted a change, I like changes, changes are good. 

Please follow the new blog over here on the left side margin, it just takes a second and continue to read and enjoy what it going on in the life of Marcus Lane and his awesome family. 


Monica said...

I just made a new header for my blog too! Hopefully it will get be blogging again soon! :) I learned how to scoot the header into the middle as well. On my screen it looks like it's on the left side. What about your screen? I can help you figure it out, just let me know!

I like it, Marcus Lane! It's Perfect!

Marcus Shields said...

yes help! call/text me please!!

Aaron S said...

Great name and very cool header! Change is definitely good!

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