Tuesday, December 6

Temple Square Christmas Lights

Last weekend we gathered some friends together for dinner at Cafe Rio and then headed downtown to see the lights in the bitter cold!  It was pretty cold that night. It rained during dinner and slowly turned to a light snow on the ground by the time we got downtown.  We wouldn't let the cold stop us though.  So we went and had a great time.  And it didn't seem as crowded as it normally is, which is nice.

T loved to slide on the ground and play.  His cheeks were all rosy and he loved wearing his new beanie.  He liked just having all of the adults follow him around.  Downtown Salt Lake looks awesome.  The new City Creek project is almost done and all of the shops are opening in March.  Some of our friends live right down there and I am a little jealous.  I love the downtown vibe and the city living fell.  SLC may be a smaller city, but they still have city living.  Here are a few pics from the evening: 

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