Wednesday, December 21


Every year my mom throws a surprise dinner with all of the family.  Everyone just brings their favorite thing to eat and we all chow down.  Ha!  she usually makes the main course so we have some normal food to eat and my dad usually brings sparkling cider.  This year there was a pomegranate flavor too, it was good. 

Since the party was also on the wifey's birthday (she's 25!) we brought the chocolate cake from Costco and donuts.  We sang to her (again) and she blew out a few candles. Both of the desserts were delicious and we had a good time seeing the family.  We exchanged some gifts and received some too. 

Christmas is just around the corner now, can't wait for it!

The wifey and T blowing out the candles on the donut cake.

My sister's friend gave her a 'bumpit' for Christmas, ha!

This pic was from Sunday dinner with all of the December Birthday cousins!
Happy Birthday Wifey dear, hope you had a good day!

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