Friday, September 16

BYU vs. U of U Rivalry

The time has come.  And it has come early this year.  BYU will be playing the University of Utah this weekend in Provo at the Lavell Edwards Stadium.  Normally these huge rivals play against each other at the last game of the season, but because things are changing in the college football world they will go at it this weekend.  It is BYU's first home game this season and should be a good one. 

{Photo from last year's season in Colorado}

Just in case you want to know how you should cheer at the game, watch this video:

BYU Football Fan Playbook

Pretty great right?!  Ha.  Well GO COUGARS!!  I am sure it will be a good game.  You can watch it on TV on ESPN 2 at 7:15 pm. 

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shields family said...

GO COUGS! Who are you cheering for??

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