Wednesday, July 6

4th of July Celebrations

Don't you just love the 4th of July?  I do.  This holiday is all about family, friends, food, bbq's and fireworks, I love it!  We had a great weekend, actually a long weekend filled with all of this stuff and more.  We got to see multiple firework shows and the family bbq's are back on at the Forsythe house is Provo so we can see the Stadium of Fire show.  (More pics to come of that). 

Our neighborhood had a kid bike parade on Monday morning and it was funny.  Tons of kids on their bikes going up the street and back down.  We got to meet a lot more of our neighbors and of course baby T loved riding his bike around with the other kids.  We taped a flag on the back of his bike for the event. 

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Matt and Ness said...

oh! so sad we missed the hawkins 4th of july party! sounds like it was a hit!

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