Monday, June 13

Music Monday - One Republic - Good Life

This song just makes me smile. It is mellow and has a good beat. And the radio station here in SLC replaces one of the words with Utah, we are his friends, it's great.

I really do have a good life, a really good life. I have an amazing wife, a fun little toddler to play with, a new house, a car, a cool job, awesome friends, etc...etc.... the list foes on and on.

What else could I ask for? I have a good life, we have a good life. Do you have a good life? If you don't then do something to make it good. 

Thank you One Republic for making me smile on this early Monday morning.


Anonymous said...

Okay, we thought we were the only crazies who heard "Utah" in the song. We have been googling and youtube-ing this song to see if it says it for reals, and it doesn't. So happy to find out it really happened, just on one of the Salt Lake stations. (Not down South.) :)

shields family said...

yes, 97.1 plays it all the time, GO UTAH!!

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