Monday, October 18

a busy week

we had a busy and fun week.  nat and turner were in utah most of the week spending time with family and friends there.  i flew up on friday and we had a little party for turner's birthday.  we had pizza, cake and ice cream.  turner had his own cake to chow down on, but we wouldn't even touch it.  apparently he does not like it when everyone is watching him, ha!  thanks to those that came.

we also went to the wedding festivities for cousin tara and christian.  it was great to see friends and family for the wedding in the slc temple, and the reception was up in midway at soldier hollow. 

we also got to meet brandon and karri's new baby amelia.  she is so small and perfect and turner wanted to touch her and play with her.  he did get a little jealous when nat was holding him though. overall good times!

1 comment:

Julie said...

Fun! Tucker wouldn't touch his 1st birthday cake either. He was totally weirded out by it. Looks like a fun birthday! Happy birthday turner!

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