Tuesday, June 15

guess who's coming home??

colton, or elder shields is coming home from his mission in 9 days!!  can you believe it?  the 2 years really flew by.  we are all beyond excited to see him, as are all of his ladies that are seriously lining up to date/marry him, ha!  good luck. 

here is the latest from one of his last letters:

'I was grating cheese the other day and thought " wow that has got to hurt to go thru the grater. The cheese has got to be hating life right now." And i thought why do i cause such pain to a block of cheese, i can still eat it in the block form, but none the less i grated it cuz it is more useful for everything. So it is with us as children of God. God can use us when we are blocks, but we are cumbersome and awkward. But when we go thru change (being grated) it hurts, but it makes us so much more useful in the hands of GOD. Ok so bad example but the principle is good. Interesting what we can learn from such simple objects.'

he will be speaking in the shields home ward on sunday, june 27, 2010 at 10:50 am.  so all of you cousins, other family and friends better be there. 


Jessica F. said...

That is so exciting. There is nothing more cute than a fresh new missionary!


Melanie said...

I can't believe it has already been two years! Crazy! He has a lot of new nieces and nephews to meet!

natalie said...

YES! love the cheese story!

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