Monday, March 1

running time

i finally put on my old running shoes again because
it is officailly time.  yes i finally signed up for the slc half marathon
with my dad and little nat.
we are running it on saturday april 17th, from the U of U to the gateway mall.
i enjoy running more when the weather is warm and so does turner.
he loves getting pushed around the neighborhood
and napping on and off while being bumdled up
on those colder days, and nat gets a little break from him.
it works out for everyone, let the running continue.....
and sign up for the race here or call, or text or email me if you want to train/run with us!


natalie said...

yeah baby! :)

M and N said...

oh ya! shall we make a bet on who is going to win??

natalie said...

hmmmm you

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