Wednesday, June 18

Elder Shields gone CANUCK

After a nice lunch at CPK today, we dropped Colton off at the MTC. He will be serving in the Toronto Canada West Mission, Spanish speaking. He was stoked to finally get out of here and get started on this next step in his life. The 2 years will go quick and he will be home before we know it. Good Luck Elder Shields!


Sam and Jules said...

woah! I can't believe he's old enough to go on a mission, man time flies! He looks SO old! (I guess I haven't seen him since he was like 12) Congratulations Colton and Good Luck!!!

natalie said...

He is so HOT! Marc, when are you going to mow for mom?!
Come visit in Boise.
And the CD for Natalie
Love ya

markieandnatty said...

i mowed the lawns (all 4 of them)
and I just need to burn the cd, we will come to boise......soon!

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